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Can 3M double-sided tape be used in Velcro

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Can 3M double-sided tape be used to paste Velcro? Today we will explain to you whether it can be used.

Today, let's talk about 3M double-sided adhesive tape in Velcro. 3M back adhesive Velcro refers to that on the basis of ordinary Velcro tape and special Velcro tape itself, the glue is melted in the back of ordinary Velcro tape and special Velcro tape by high-temperature back adhesive hot melting machine, and then pasted with a layer of oily release paper, which is the finished product. Gum Velcro itself is a kind of sticky products, and for sticky top, it can basically stick all products, and for daily necessities, it is more appropriate to use it. For sticky surface, as long as it sticks, it won't fall down unless it uses a lot of strength.

3M double-sided tape is convenient to use this product, you can stick a lot, which brings convenience. As long as you use this magic tape, you can easily transport it, and it's also very convenient to use. Some things you can't get by hand are stuck by this product.

3M double-sided tape is protective. It is soft, so in the process of collision, if you use this adhesive Velcro, it can play a buffer role and unload the force. Therefore, it is equivalent to a protective film, making the product more convenient to use.


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